Business English


Get into the school you want and win the scholarship you deserve. Apply for the perfect job, position your company in literature, or publish your latest research.


College application essays

– This service is aimed at creating perfect essays tailored to college application prompts. I help you navigate the requirements of your dream program, so you can succeed in gaining entry. Coaching will help you to gain confidence as you practice sample college interview questions, which customized writing instruction will prepare you to achieve great writing for your future studies.

Job applications and interviews

– This service is tailored to the specific demands of the jobs you seek. I help you review and address all of the requirements, both mandatory and preferred, of the positions for which you apply. Coaching will help you to gain confidence as you practice sample interview questions, as will accent reduction exercises designed for you to smooth any pronunciation issues.

Business English

Presentation performance

– This service is a bit like theater. I “direct” you to perform your act better. For the many considerations of the presenter/audience relationship (physical setup, prior knowledge, time constraints, etc.), this coaching could involve text revision, accent reduction, intonation, or even acting instruction.

Accent reduction

– If being understood clearly is the problem in your life, coaching for accent reduction is for you. Once the issues you have are determined, specific exercises are recommended or designed for you to conquer such problems for good.