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A Good Piece Of Writing Looks Good

Effective communication in English takes many forms: visual expression, verbal articulation, and written presentation. A good piece of writing looks good, sounds good when read aloud, and consistently conveys a clear and persuasive message to intended readers.

Level 1

Improve communication skills and written self-expression.

Compose accurate, descriptive sentences.

Develop and improve grammatical skills.

Level 2

Improve grammar and sentence structure.

Compose accurate, expressive paragraphs.

Expand written communication skills.

Level 3

Improve English composition and essay skills.

Compose clear and cohesive articles.

Use audience-specific language styles, and develop situation-specific pragmatic skills.

Level 4

Improve writing style.

Refine articles, research papers, original stories, company literature, etc.

Expand proofing and editing skills.

Dissertation coaching available.

Ways That I Teach English Writing

I offer a holistic perspective of the English language that is super simple yet allows you to make your written expressions as complex as you like.

I give detailed explanations for every instance of error or alternative choice.

I create mini lessons on specific grammar/vocabulary issues specific to your persistent errors.

I recommend exercises for practicing stubborn issues.

I help you to tailor your writing style to your audience and to the goals of the paper.

I teach you how to review, revise, and condense your writing.