Business English


Grammar is not something you should “study,” even though it is one of the three things that instructors teach when students are learning to speak, read, write, or listen to a new language. The same goes for vocabulary and pronunciation. I can give you a lesson in pronunciation, but your best bet is to practice speaking rather than pronouncing, and studying vocabulary won’t guarantee that you will use it or recognize it in real situations. Practice in Reading, listening, and conversation are better ways to acquire new vocabulary.

All that being said, I love grammar, and I love to teach it. I view the presentation of grammar knowledge as a show that should inform in the most agreeable and engaging manner. Luckily, I spent the early part of my life in the theater, studying how to tell a story in a brief but memorable show. I also appreciate the power of advertising to convey its message in just moments. Applying those concepts to grammar presentations makes them “short and sweet,” entertaining but educationally effective.