Professional and Business English

Advanced English for specific purposes.

Thematic curriculum customized for the learner’s professional goals.

Level 1

  • Linguistic targets include written communication for emails, memos, and reports, as well as spoken communication for meetings, conference calls, and presentations.
  • Focus is placed on pronunciation, vocabulary building, listening, and basic cross-cultural expectations.

Level 2

  • Linguistic targets include complex cross-cultural knowledge, presentation and negotiation skills, vocabulary building of idioms, slang, humor, and allusion.
  • Focus is placed on self-expression, cultural translation, and linguistic control in social and professional situations.

Advanced English for Professionals

Advanced Vocabulary

Idioms and Collocations
Industry  Jargon

  • Marketing
  • Management
  • Engineering
  • Medicine
  • Diplomacy

    Linguistic topics

    • Articles and other parts of speech
    • Gerunds vs. infinitives
    • Immersive language acquisition
    • Modification and ambiguity
    • Register, stress, and intonation

    Business topics

    • Business news and reports
    • Communication skills at work
    • Innovation and creativity
    • Measurement¬† and approximation
    • Meetings and brainstorming
    • Plans, decisions, and regulations
    • Presentation and conferencing
    • Research and development

      Conversational topics

      • Agreeing and disagreeing
      • Common¬† American expressions
      • Emphasizing and intensifying
      • Ideas, thoughts, and opinions
      • Responding and requesting
      • Socializing and discussing issues
      • Storytelling
      Business English