Lizz C.
Writing Wizard, Grammar Guru, and Creative Conversationalist

Why do I teach English? Because there is so much to learn from the students. People who want to learn or improve their English already have a language and a fully developed mind. While I help you to convey your message better in local or international English, you will also teach me about your way of expression, view of the world, and the cultural distinctions you’d like to share.

I teach English writing in a clear and innovative way. 

I teach English grammar in an effective and entertaining manner.

I teach English conversation for travel, business, family, and fun.

People have many different reasons for wanting to improve their English. We focus your English studies directly toward your main goals. Helping you to achieve your immediate aims also prepares you to appreciate and explore the use of English for further communication, entertainment, and personal enrichment.

I have over 20 years of experience teaching English as a second language both in American university classrooms and online with private students from all corners of the globe. I have worked extensively with people from specific languages, such as Korean, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, French, and Spanish, which has enabled me to create or locate curriculum that is tailored to the commonalities of those speakers. However, I generally customize lessons and create new material for each individual student, and as a Professor of Second Language Acquisition, I am eager to address the pronunciation issues for speakers of all languages.


My time zone is Pacific Standard Time (PST) GMT-8.  I’m in San Jose, California.

It is best to check the World Meeting Planner to compare the times across different time.

Flexible and convenient

There is no commitment necessary in terms of schedule or frequency. You can contact me for instant help (taking your chance that I’ll be available) or schedule an appointment for a time of your convenience. You can have a session as short as 15 minutes or up to two hours at a time (longer sessions can be arranged, too).


I use  Google Meet, Zoom, or Skype for audio/video connection and screen sharing.

For scheduling, I use Google calendar.  

The main file sharing program is Google docs, where we can work on documents together and see any changes made within seconds.
Alternative tools include Google Meetings, Facebook Messenger, and Zoom.

PDF documents with mathematical notation can be edited with Overleaf.


( Textbooks, Exercises, Etc. )

For all skills: reading, writing, speaking, and listening, we use a lot of materials that are freely available online, and/or I write original material designed just for you (see samples), and/or we just talk naturally to see what you have to say. Once your needs are established, I would be happy to devise a plan (specific syllabus) if you prefer.

Due to the time demands of your schedule, you may prefer a more flexible organization. You can schedule lessons regularly or just once in a while. Regular students also have the benefit of free.

Answers Anytime” which means you can contact me with questions through the Skype chat box at any time and receive a response at the earliest possibility.

It is best to work with papers you are writing for real-life purposes, but we can also work with a set curriculum. If you prefer a specific plan, for example a weekly assignment with a text for academic writing, then I will provide a complete syllabus and recommend a book. 


Rates: $50/hour (USD).

I use Paypal to collect tuition. I just send an invoice through Paypal, which arrives in your email. Paypal will encourage you to open an account with them, but it isn’t necessary if you have a credit card.

I do this after the first lesson. Prepayment is not required. For regular students, I usually send an invoice at the end of the month.

You may also prepay a lesson by booking through the website here.

Feel free to chat with me on Skype (Lizzcap) to talk about schedules or other issues you might have. I only charge for the time we are connected by audio, so text chatting is free