My uncle arrived ___ yesterday afternoon. (late / lately)
I had a ___ time doing my homework last night. (hard / hardly)
Try to speak as ___ as you can. (clear / clearly)
He lived very ___ with his wife for many years. (happy / happily)
I have ___ any money. (hard /hardly)
He closed the door ___. (quiet / quietly)
The airplane flies ___ in the sky. (high / highly)
She looked very ____ in her new dress. (happy / happily)
We praise this restaurant very ___. (high / highly)
This road curves ____ to the right. (slight / slightly)

Can you cook? —— Yes, I’m good at cooking.
play cards?
play music?
play an instrument?
bake a cake?

What can you do really well?

Does he drive safely?——— Yes, he is a safe driver.

Does she dance gracefully?
Does he cook well?
Do they work carefully?
Do I speak rapidly?
Do you chew loudly?
Do they fight fiercely?
Does she donate generously?
Does he manipulate selfishly?
Does it tilt slightly to the right?
Do I spell poorly?
Did he run powerfully?
Did she narrate truthfully?
Did he win victoriously?
Did she paint artfully?
Does he sing beautifully?
Do you normally drive?

List of adverbs